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We are the go to place for work from home professionals. We know it  is easy to feel isolated and sometime even frustrated with the many duties on your plate.  We are here to help with that overwhelming feeling and help to get you moving forward toward consistent income. While welcoming you into our community.

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We promote your business as a member of Emom Network. As a work from home member you have access to live  virtual monthly events and live Q and A. Every month we address topics to help you create , grow, market and promote your business online and off. We start by showing you how to create an strong online presence and how to also start a local following. Yolanda Kennedy is a work from home mom for over 15 years. You will have access to profitable and honest expert advise. Meet experts who will share their knowledge in live events. Can’t make a live event that is okay because  as a member you can view it on demand on your time.  

Yes, You can have a a wildly successful business while being the mom you want to be. 

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You can create an income and still have time for your family the way you would like. You can  have a wildly successful business and pick up the kids after school. Technology has opened the doors to moms to leverage your time and your skills.

 Meet women just like you who can guide you as you take this journey. I did it and all the tools available now was not available back then when I started.

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 Our new program that allow you to increase your success quickly.  No more wasting money on activities that are not producing clients.   Wake up and answer questions from people inquiry about your service or product and fulfilling orders.

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What is Clubhouse

A social networking app that allow  people to gather in audio only chat rooms to discuss various topics. Some of the topics cover   sports, wellness,

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Felicia Middleton

Felicia Middleton ” owner Felicia Middleton  Felicia Middleton  Owner/ President at Urban Aesthetics, LLC  1.How did the idea for your business come about? I always wanted

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Meet Some Moms

Yolanda Kennedy

Founder of E- Mom Network. 

I was a stay at home mom that live in another state from my family. A husband that worked over an hour away and 2 sons. After struggling on my own to become successful I decided to help other mom owned business shorten the learning curve. I created this platform to not only promote and highlight mom businesses but also offer online courses on marketing and more.

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Gaby Williams

AI Expert

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Gaby is the one. She teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

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