best home base business to start

The best home business to start for moms is relative. But I am going to give you my opinion and the reasons why. I feel that if you need flexibility then it is best to start a digital business.  Now which business is optional but a blog is always going to be a part of it. 

Now a blog can be a stand alone business or can be an additional way to support a offline business or a service business. If you want o more details on creating a blog visit my page on creating a blog.

Other Digital Businesses

Another digital business is Social Media Marketer. Most of your clients you will speak to via zoom, phone or email. If you are going to do a zoom call remember try to stay  professional. If you still have little ones schedule that during nap time or if not to late bed time. 

There are plenty of online courses on this skill. But why pay when you can learn for free at Facebook? Now when you are ready to take the test there is a nominal fee but with the certification you are ready to add paying clients.

Now remember working from home for a company is different because many times you are on their schedule. So the flexibly you crave may not be there and the kids may still have to go to preschool or daycare.  Which means you can not save that fee. 

The best business to start is the one that works best for you and your family.