Many business ideas are out there but which one will work for you and your family.  So listen  ad maybe grab a piece of paper. You may be surprise  by what ideas you may think of yourself.You also have to decide what is a good business fit for you.  Your current skill, experience and personality plays a role but is not that is only a piece of the puzzle. Another piece is what would you like to do and what hobbies do you have.

You can also learn new skills with so much learning available online  and there are also some free classes ,like did you know Facebook offer FREE courses to become a digital marketer? When you take the test to get certified there is a fee but it is nominal. 

Stay open to new ideas

When I was in college my plans was either become a business manger or maybe go into Law. I even applied and was accept to Temple’s Pre Law program.  Working from home and creating a business from home was not even on my radar. What I wind up doing was starting a career in Real and Finances.  Traveling with my family to places like Hawaii, Bahamas and yes you know you have to go to Disney. I have to admit I never looked back. I don’t have any regrets because I never missed the things my kids did in school. When my mom got sick I was able to go up everyday. You know this is bigger then just making money so be diligent.

Don’t limit yourself. Creating a business that fit into your life is a amazing chance to reinvent yourself and try new things. The core of any business is the ability to work well with people , providing great customer service and having the time to complete the task required. If you like writing then check out  Selling on Amazon another one of our oldies but goodies. 

Most of all …Have fun! I enjoyed what I did and what I do. You should too.