business name

Picking a good business name

Business names today take on a whole new meaning then 50 years ago. Not only do you have to try to come up with a name that you like and hopefully give people an idea about what you do now you have to consider social media. I offer a free 10 minutes video training with step by steps instructions on how to complete these steps just click and get instant access. 

Keep It Short

There are a few reason for this.  You want to try to make it easier for people to remember. If you are going to be online and that is almost a given in todays market, you would like to be able to use your business name as a username on social media platforms. This is important because you don’t want to send your customers to another business because they had the username first. And you don’t want to try to abbreviate a longer name. That will be just a little to much for me as a user to have to remember all your many names. 

Avoid hard to spell names

 Well this is self explanatory. I am not a great speller to begin with so easy to spell always work for me and most people. 

Business name that grows with your business

Emom Network can cover so many ideas.  I can add additional products as time goes on and I see a need. Its not as limiting as mom business guide. You would really be surprise if you went to that site and saw  clothes. So when choosing a name think more long term. Will this name be relative 10 years from now. If you decide to add additional product would it  make sense to your consumers.

Get the .com domain name

Don’t go to Godaddy or another domain seller  at this point.  What you need to make sure is not only is the .com available but can you use it on your social media platforms. In order to do that you can use this free tool called namevine . In second once you enter the name it wil let you know if is already being used on Facebook, Instagram , twitter and more. 

Use a name that conveys some meaning

One line you only have a few seconds to grab people attention. If you have a great name but it does tell me anything that means you have to spend a lot of money to great awareness. Just the other day a business sent me an email I didn’t know who they were even though i had done business with them in the past. I had to look them up to remember what they did. And I only did it before I unsubscribed. 

Do a Trademark search

A trade mark search will give you a good idea if the name ( or a similar one ) is trademarked or have been in the past. You can got over to USPTO  to conduct a search or grab my free training that offers a step by step on how to conduct a search.

Do Secretary of State search

You are going to form a llc or corporation so you have to register a business name with you state. You don’t want to find out later that your state won’t register it because it is too close to  a current business.