3 Facebook Tips

3 Facebook Tips

3 Facebook tips to get more sales  if you are trying to market on Facebook. Believe it or not these tips are simple but many people are not doing them. If you are selling a product on Facebook and you don’t’t have a website that you are sending people to  ask yourself can person find your product immediately? Do you have a shop button that take them straight to the products you are selling? Or do they have to stroll through multiple post?

I do highly recommend having your own online real estate but that will be addressed at another time.

If you answered yes to any one these you will need to make this change today.

  1. Make it easy for a person to find and buy from you . No one is going to scroll through post.
  2. Add a description and link to your Facebook Profile
  3. Add a post highlighting a feature product and discount code occasionally.
Remember Facebook is a social platform no one want to be sold to but we all love to buy. When you are on have fun , talk and share highlights of your day, and when you talk about your products treat it like you are telling them about a great sale at JC Pennys.
Social Media marketing can be fun and simple. Here is 3 Facebook tips that they offer to help you connect better to your customers like invest in photos ,good photos. Use Facebook and Instagram now that they are connected you can do the work once and it will appear on both platforms.  Make your Facebook and Instagram photos shoppable and don’t forget to link to the product in your post.

Another great idea to enhance your client experience with your product. I brought my 7 year old granddaughter a guitar for her birthday. The reason I brought the one I did was that they offered FREE zoom lessons for her. That was the turning  point for me to choose them over hundreds of options.


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