With the 10 best home business opportunities I tried to address a few key points  like the flexibility, income potential, what seemed to be in demand today ,fees to get started  and the skill set level.


Blogging is great. All you need is a topic you can talk about, an audience big enough who is interested in that topic and some great keywords. A computer, host ( for the blog)  and a domain name and a theme ( how the blog is going to look). So you can start a blog for less then$50-$100. If you are really strapped for cash you can do the free version for a while.  Looking for more information on creating a blog? I got you covered just read creating a blog.

Website Designer

This is as easy and reasonable as creating a blog. If you are a creative person with a good eye then you may want to offer to help business owners, coaches, and independent sales people like fitness trainers to create a great looking website. You should have some prior knowledge and experience. This is also a digital business so you can do the work anytime that works for you.

Drop Shipping Store

 A store where all  the products are shipped by the vendor is a great way to generate income without the hassle of inventory. Now you will need a website that allow you to add products and take money . You can do that by adding. a word press plugin called woo-commerce. Many start off with pay pal and Stripe which allows you to accept credit cards Or you can just  use a platform like shopify. 

Private Tutor

If you like to teach and have a skill for breaking down information so people can easily digest it then this may be a good fit for you. Many people including kids now and days are accustom to learning virtually so if you can get the students you are in business. I sure you know moms who kids can use that little extra help. The cost here to start is $0 if you start off with word of mouth referrals. After you make some money then we can get a little fancy with a website.

Content Writer

Content writers write for marketing purposes. They can write blog post , articles, scripts for podcast and videos. They can even write social media post. The benefit of this service is you take these task off the business owner plate.

Write and Sell Ebook

If you love to write and have been dreaming of writing your own book or creating e-books to share your knowledge go over and watch  selling on Amazon.

Virtual Assistant

If you have administrative  experience then this is right up your alley. You have to remember that this can also overlap with Social Media marketing as well as computer help, such as scheduling, emailing, record keeping, and customer support so be specific as to what the small business owner is expecting. There are  many people looking for a way to take some items off their plate. Another business with $0 cost to start if you start by asking around to land that first client. Business cards may help to be able to pass out grab yours at vistaprint.com

Social Media Marketing

If you have some experience or is willing to learn then Social Media is in high demand and doesn’t look like it is going away anytime soon. 

US social network ad spending will rise by 11.4% to just over $40 billion this year. That’s an upgrade from our June forecast, in which we estimated just 4.8% growth in 2020. Next year, spending will rise by 21.3%, reaching nearly $49 billion

Handmade Crafts

If making handmade crafts is one of the things you love to do then esty.com my be a good fit. You make it , add pictures and price it. They handle all the  website tech issues. When you make a sale you ship it off.  Remember they take a percentage of the sale so price your item high enough to clear the amount of profit you would like to clear. 

Digital Marketing

This is not the same as social media marketing because  it can include it but not limited to just social media. This can include  search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. That will include writing pages and post for small businesses along with