A social networking app that allow  people to gather in audio only chat rooms to discuss various topics. Some of the topics cover   sports, wellness, art or business. Rooms are usually divided into two groups: those who are talking and those who are listening (participants can see a list of everyone who is in a conversation.  Clubhouse rooms are  moderated  discussions and has the ability to let someone chime in or to  a person can be kicked out if they become unruly. In addition to the “clubs”  you can pair off with two or more users  and start your own chat room.

How can you  join clubhouse? A person who is a part of clubhouse has to invite you . Right  now it is invite only. But don’t stress I have seen many people offering invites in Facebook groups. When you join they give you about 5 invites to send out to other people. Remember as you focus on your own social media marketing you want to make sure you are on the right platform for you and your business. One question you can ask your self is are your target market on this patform?

What is Clubhouse