Working from home has its own challenges even though there are many benefits to doing it.  Now if you have a job you are just doing it from home your schedule is pretty much set. But if you run business from home  these time management tips will help you stay on track and efficient.

Have set work hours

Now what I mean from that is depending on what you do and how you do it . Set hours that you are going to work. Do you work with directly with clients? Do you work during the day? Can you do it at night once the kids are asleep?

No matter when you decide are your best hours make sure everyone is aware of them. Everyone in your home should know your work schedule.  Also family and friends. No texting or calls during those times.  No unannounced visits. No you can not pick up their kids from school or activities. When people know you are home they assume you are free. You have to set rules right away or you wil find your self doing everything for everyone.

Having set hours also help you get and stay into a routine. Now don’t beat yourself up if you have to make adjustments but this will keep you consistent and productive.

Be realistic

Now this is more about your mom life.

  1. How old are the kids?
  2. Are they in after school activities or are they doing virtual school? 
  3. What other obligations do you have?
  4. Are there others who can help with scheduling or you are it?    

The truth is looking at these factors may change what you decide to do or change what you are doing. check out the best home business to start for additional tips.

Leverage technology

If you have read some other articles on emom network you know I say  this a lot.  Now don’t feel you have to spend money to get this accomplished. Like on Facebook you can schedule post for free and now that   Instagram is a part of them you can take care of instagram, too. that is taking card of 2 birds with one stone.  Set up an autoresponder. Search until you find a email system that will will allow you to set one up on their free program like mailerlite.  

This is a great time to be working from home with all the available options.